Scrips has been discontinued for an indefinite time.

Smart Stock Dashboard and Insights

Stay on top of your investing game by getting insights into your portfolio!

No sign-up required,
Just install, launch and explore!

Supports stocks from multiple stock exchanges


and many more ..

Watch your dashboard for insights

A Dashboard that talks to you
Scrips evaluates your portfolio overtime, giving you valuable insights into your selection
Stay on top of your investments
Always be aware of your top gainers and losers. Leverage data to take action ahead of time.
Privacy Matters
No Signups required.
Just install and Launch.
No user accounts, no passwords, no fuss

Feature Highlights

Portfolio Timeline

See how your portfolio performs each day and how your profits change with the market.

Instant info on your dashboard

With Glance View, get instant information about your net investments, current value and your profits

Multiple insights

A lot can be understood from your portfolio.
Experience your data in formats that help you obtain a better understanding of the markets

Dedicated app for your stock portfolio

The right place for your portfolio. Understand your assets, evaluate the markets and take informed decisions.

Scrips helps you be aware of your stock returns while respecting your privacy.